Step 1 Choose transaction method (PayPal)

Step 2 Choose to buy goods (left-click the drop-down, select the goods you want to buy)

Step 3 Enter the purchase quantity (choose the quantity you want to purchase, enter according to several devices used, that is, one machine and one code)

Step 4 Enter your contact information (for example: EMAIL, telephone, Discord, WeChat)

Step 5 Enter your email address (after successful purchase, the licence will be automatically sent to your email address)

Step 6 Click Confirm payment (Click OK to enter and confirm the order information page)

Step 7 Confirm payment (enter the order information page, order information is correct, click OK to pay)

Step 8 Click to check the order (please wait 10 seconds or 15 seconds after the successful transaction, the system will automatically send it to your mailbox)

Step 9 After receiving the licence, open the TurboHUD_LightningMOD.exe Sign Up an account or renewal, Paste the license code in the license box.

Use the mobile phone to scan the QR code to enter the mobile phone page to buy goods